Leadership and executive coaching

Managers, leaders or executives: leaders at all (hierarchical) levels are measured by profit, growth and productivity. At the same time, they are often responsible for people. They know that without the willingness, cooperation and trust of the people in an organisation, they will not achieve their goals.

Developing leadership skills

Everyone who takes responsibility in a complex and rapidly changing environment must be willing to make personal and professional changes and take often large, personal development steps. Leadership skills can always be further developed - and they should be.

This requires a closer look at one's own strengths, development areas and goals. Your actions and driving forces are central. What really drives you – and what limits you? What potential within you is unused? It takes courage to hold a mirror up to yourself, but the investment of time and work on yourself is worth it, not just for the leader, but for the entire company.

The other side of the coin

Success starts in our own minds. In order to achieve top performance in professional sport, you need mental strength. Very few achieve this without a personal coach.

Senior managers have to prove themselves in ‘competition’ – often on a daily basis.

Every organization wants inspiring and confident leaders. It is therefore important to invest not only in professional but also personal development. It is the other side of the coin.

As a coach and consultant, I support you on your path of personal and professional development.

Find out how I supported others

Feedbacks after coaching with me:

Bill McClain

Head of People / Senior HR Leader / Start-up Advisor

“I was somewhat sceptical of the need and benefit of coaching. Jeanette’s approach and demeanor quickly changed my mind.”

“I met Jeanette when I began my career transition journey. Quite focused on getting to the end with a new position, I was somewhat skeptical of the need and/or benefit of coaching. Jeanette’s approach and demeanor quickly changed my mind and I soon found myself exploring my beliefs, my journey and what I really wanted from life. As she often said, “the next position will come but making sure it fits with what you want next, it is important to explore what it is you want.”

Through a variety of techniques and many discussions that ranged from fun to challenging, Jeanette’s soft and friendly, yet direct style, helped me find my objectives and helped design my “Big Picture” and establish the foundations for my next chapter.  Having completed the transition and now in a new role, I still continue to review that “Big Picture” and to reflect on the work with Jeanette as a guide to keep me on the journey and enjoy the experiences along the way. 

Jeanette has made a big contribution to my next phase while convincing the skeptic the value and gift of working with a coach. Someone once told me, “if you can get Jeanette as a coach, go for it because she is great”.  I totally agree with that statement!”

Sabine Wollrab

Co-Editor-in-Chief Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Balkans, Thomson Reuters

“The coaching helped me to find my own leadership style, to set the right priorities and to acknowledge my own successes.”

“The step to editor-in-chief and managing director with responsibility for more than 100 employees was a big one for me, especially as it coincided with the start of the COVID pandemic and crisis management was required instantly. Jeanette Cerquone's coaching helped me to find my own leadership style, to set the right priorities, to acknowledge my own successes and to celebrate them even a bit.”

Fabienne Trévily

Director of Group FP&A, Member of Leadership Circle&Risk Committee, Selecta

“Her support was clearly customized to the situation and to my needs.”

“Jeanette supported me as Career Coach & Consultant for an important recruitment process C-1 in a large corporation based in Switzerland.

Her support was clearly customized to the situation and to my needs. She provided me outstanding advice on my positioning, on the needs of the company I was applying for, as well as on the mental and physical preparation for each step.

I can highly recommend Jeanette as an extremely skilled and a highly motivated and flexible individual with whom it is a pleasure to work with.”

Henry Schwyter

Head HR Line Manager Advisory CHEMEA, HR Career Advisory & Social Counseling, Executive Director, UBS

“Her professionalism definitely helped to identify the best possible vendor for UBS needs.”

“I had the pleasure in getting to know Jeanette as my Coach at a time where I took over a broader manager role and at the same time, I was personally involved in a RFP UBS did to look for another external vendor to provide Coachings to (senior-) UBS-employees.

As a personal Coach, Jeanette did a great job and thanks to her empathetic but focused coaching, I was able to develop myself into a more senior manager role quickly. Her coaching enabled me to identify my managerial blind spots on one side and to work on them as well as focus on topics that matter. The sessions I had with Jeanette had a strategic approach, but she was also able to offer hands-on wider range of experiments and options in order to improve things which helped me not only in my business but also private life.

I can recommend Jeanette as a coach to peers and other senior managers as she is not only a great coach but brings a lot of professional experience along herself. During the RFP UBS did, I got also to know Jeanette from a client point of view and her professionalism definitely also helped to identify the best possible vendor for UBS needs. Thank you Jeanette, looking much forward to stay connected with you.”

Martin Huber

Group CFO, Aryzta

Jeanette is a strongly business minded and compassionate coach. I was impressed by her ability to quickly guide you to identify the most impactful choices.”

“Jeanette is a strongly business minded and compassionate coach and mentor, her true interest in the person and her positive energy create the trust required for achieving your goals. I was impressed by her observation skills and her ability to quickly guide you to identify the most impactful choices.”

Erik Brenneis

CEO Vodafone IoT

Jeanette has a good understanding of how all kinds of businesses work and can adapt easily. On top of this, she is great fun to work with.”

“I had the pleasure to work with Jeanette as my coach for the following topics: ‘Transformation, Leading change, learning fast, create future’. I reflected on my leadership skills and behaviours with Jeanette and she enabled me to further develop these.

My main challenge was to create an environment for my team in which all the team members are motivated and able to be creative and innovative - in an uncertain, fast - changing market environment.
Jeanette set the foundation for me to structure these challenges, so that I was able to take good decisions on completely new topics with calculated risks.

I enjoyed working with Jeanette very much, as she is a great listener and able to stimulate her partners' ‘holistic view’ immediately. She has a good understanding of how all kinds of businesses work and can adapt easily. On top of this, she is great fun to work with.”

Selection of companies I have worked with

ABB, Actelion, Adecco, Barry Callebaut, Bayer, Bunge, Celgene, Cofco, Coty, Credit Suisse, CSL Behring, General Electric, Graftech, HBP, Hilti, Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, Intermediate Capital Group, KMUs wie: Alters-, Rehabilitations- und Pflegeeinrichtungen, Start-ups, Konica Minolta, Matches Fashion, Mediathek, Mondelez, MSD Merck Sharp & Dohme, Novartis, Nestlé, Novoyzmes, Primeline Logistics, PWC, Roche, Smith & Nephews, Straumann, Swiss Olympic, Syngenta, Thomson Reuters, Teva, The Global Fund, The Medicines Company, UBS, UPC, Viking Cruises, Vodafone, Walt Disney.

Possible coaching topics

  • Reflection on one's own self-conception
  • Drivers, talents, blind spots
  • Comparison of external / self-image
  • Strengthening of leadership awareness, leadership presence
  • Reduce stress and resilience; managing our own resources
  • Sovereignty in making decisions under pressure with little information
  • Creating meaningful values for a fulfilling working life for yourself and others
  • Development of soft skills as the key to successful leadership
  • Presence in front of an audience and media
  • Preparation for positioning in new role(s)
  • Position determination and reorientation
  • Motivating, promoting and empowering employees
  • Dialogue and feedback based on authentic communication
  • Communication in complex management situations
  • Fostering creativity and innovation
  • Appreciation and benefit of diversity and differences
  • Maintaining relationships with teams and stakeholders
  • Orientation- and goal creation
  • Leading in flat hierarchies in an agile environment
  • Team development and trust building
  • Dealing with conflicts in a team, strengthening problem-solving skills
  • Virtual leadership of decentralized teams in global cooperation
  • Leadership in constant transformation and change processes
  • Vision and strategy development
  • Initiating and shaping change
  • Creation of sustainability in change processes
  • Maximize impact and effectiveness
  • Management of expectations in an exposed political context
  • Strategic and operational requirements
  • Core business and new ways of working
  • Tradition and innovation
  • The give and take of the working relationship
  • Clear communication and motivation
  • Empowerment and responsibility
  • Authenticity and trends
  • Individuality and community

How does leadership and executive coaching work?

Every leadership and executive coaching intervention is different - there is no such thing as a single recipe. Every organization, every team and every leader is unique. Professional coaching is therefore always an individual, tailor-made approach. Based on your objectives and defined milestones, we will create a coaching agreement together.


The first non-binding conversation is about getting to know each other and:


  1. Your goals: What is your goal? What do you want to achieve? Where are you heading to?
  2. Your location: Where are you now? What is your starting position, your business context?
  3. Your time: What is your time horizon? When and how are you available? You determine the pace, duration and frequency.
  4. and your decisions and feelings: Is coaching the right method and am I the right coach for you?