Coaching for managers, leaders and executives

Cerquone Coaching & Consulting is aimed at leaders who want to develop, grow and excel personally and professionally, at Executives, who are looking for a sparring partner at eye level and at humans, who demand, desire and wish not only to lead organisations and people but also themselves.

Why leadership and executive coaching?

Leaders are not only assessed and measured upon results. They should also create an atmosphere and climate in which people want to deliver, give their best and want to do their best.

An environment which quickly and continuously changes requires a new way of thinking and a new way to act, from the organisation and from the people who work in it. To be successful an enterprise needs effective leadership. The conscious design of one's own leadership role is more important today than ever.

Why Cerquone Coaching & Consulting?

I see myself as a sparring partner at eye level for executives. I do this by:

  • focusing on resources and pragmatic solutions
  • combining seniority, management experience, technical and methodological knowledge
  • stimulating and creating new possibilities and enabling sustainable solutions
  • sticking to what I promise and only offering what I am capable of.

With me you have a proven, experienced, professionally trained, multiple certified coach in combination with many years of business expertise and many satisfied clients. A business partner with whom you can work side by side to achieve your goals.



years coaching and consulting experience at all levels across multiple industries


successful companies that have accompanied thousands of people in their change journey


small, large, national and international companies supported from ABB to Walt Disney

30 minutes well spent

Coaching is a very personal matter and has to be based on a trusting relationship. That's why the chemistry between us needs to fit and is so important as it’s the basis for everything we do together.

Get to know me in a free and non-binding Zoom call. Together we will find out how I can support you in achieving your goals and objectives.

“She leads with empathy and curiosity but her conviction and strength also shine through and motivate and inspire me as a business leader. Jeanette is absolutely fantastic.”

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